ZBrush for iPad


Break free from the desktop!
ZBrush comes to iPad with a fully re-imagined user interface and touch-based controls.

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Lucas Cuenca · Made with ZBrush for iPad

Sculpting on the Go

Oscar-winning ZBrush brings unrivaled design power to the iPad for a fully immersive 3D sculpting and painting experience. Take creativity on the go with a proprietary brush system and boundless resolution capabilities. Experience the power of ZBrush for iPad and realize your wildest concepts.

Join the Digital Sculpting Revolution

ZBrush for iPad provides the same multi-resolution mesh editing capabilities found inside the desktop version. Whether you are creating realistic characters and creatures or laying the foundations for new and never-before-seen environments, ZBrush for iPad has what you need to bring your artistic pursuits to life.

J. Hill · Made with ZBrush for iPad
Berzerker by Alejandro Pereira Ezcurra: Made with ZBrush for iPad
Alejandro Pereira Ezcurra · Made with ZBrush for iPad

Capture Inspiration Anywhere

Discover a completely new and interactive digital sculpting adventure with ZBrush for iPad. We've taken all the great parts of ZBrush and engineered a new experience aligned with the continued pursuit of art. From easy- to-navigate touch capabilities and the same great intuitive sculpting feel artists have grown to love, ZBrush for iPad is ready to meet your creative needs.

Sculpt with Digital Clay

Created by artists for artists, ZBrush for iPad makes it easier than ever to shape, texture, and paint virtual clay in real time. Escape the constraints of traditional modeling and experience the sculptural freedom you get with touch capabilities at your fingertips wherever you are.

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Jason Punsalang · Made with ZBrush for iPad
Orc Bust by Juan Novelletto: Made with ZBrush for iPad
Juan Novelletto · Made with ZBrush for iPad

Color Your Creations

Make painting and texturing your latest creation a breeze with ZBrush for iPad. A simple click activates Polypainting for an even more complex range of design options. Mix and apply color to digital sculptures in real time while continuing to make physical changes to your models. Use your iPad to capture images and import your latest snapshot for use as a texture or alpha.

The Leading Brush System for Sculpting

ZBrush for iPad offers an unrivaled collection of proprietary digital sculpting brushes, dynamic texturing and painting capabilities, impactful stroke and alpha libraries along with native rendering for a fully realized design solution. Extend your artistic dexterity by working in both touch- and pen-driven modes or a fusion of both! Simply click and drag your fingers across the digital clay to make your mark.

Rafael Grassetti · Made with ZBrush for iPad

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to commonly asked questions about ZBrush for iPad.

ZBrush for iPad is undergoing a complete redesign, meticulously crafted from the ground up to optimize every feature for an unparalleled sculpting experience on the iPad.

Yes, you can easily transfer projects between ZBrush for desktop and ZBrush for iPad, maintaining seamless workflow continuity across devices.

In ZBrush for iPad, you can seamlessly manipulate high-polygon models with precision and ease, ensuring unparalleled detail in your digital creations.

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